Fashionable clothing for the office: Avoid anything that looks tantalizingly

To function competently in the job, you should not dress too provocatively. Anyone, who wearing a short skirt and low-cut neckline, in general, it is not safe in the office for him.

It is better you to catch the eye with a tailored styling and accessories. However, be careful; do not wear too much jewellery! Choose elegant rather than flashy pieces. Everything, which looks provocative, detracts from your professional skills.

Makeup: Less is more!

Even in regards to the makeup: Less is more! To impress the people around you and they to have more confidence in you, do not overdo the makeup. Important for a flawless appearance are also small things like spruced-glasses, fingernails clean and well-groomed hands.

Red fingernails often are misplaced

It would be better, if you did not go to work with a bright red manicure. Red painted fingernails have no place in the office, at least in conservative industries such as banking or tax advice, say experts.
Subtly but not boring

To be able to dress well, it is necessary you to bring diversity. Bet on pretty accessories. A fabric rose brooch /or as a scarf with trendy pattern/ surely can give both style and beauty to your suit. In addition, look the recent fabrics trends – satin and fashionable patterns like plaids and lace.

Good stuff pays off

In the clothing, it should prefer fewer but more elegant and classic items are purchased. Fashionable pieces act well, but they must be very carefully selected. Quality of the material also is very important and it should be visible above all things. If your dark suit attracts any lint, it can look unkempt. The same goes for wrinkles and of course, for the sweat stains.

Another tip

Try to stay true to your style. Do not dress like a teenager, if you want people to perceive you as a serious professional. The best look for the office is one that highlights your qualities in a dignified manner.