Fashionable clothing: The perfect business outfit

The perfect business outfit is half way to success. Clothes make the man. Do not overdo with her outfit, but you can dress more elegant rather than requires, rather than be wearing negligee. You must always be ready for the next level; you want to achieve up the hierarchical ladder.

The business outfit – individually but without exaggeration

Depending on whether you are working, for example, in finance or in the media, your style of dress have to be different. In addition, in any case you should not forget that the rules of fashion in the art world are almost as serious as the rules in a bank. Of course, you are the one, who chooses how to highlight better your personality in the workplace.


The make-up should not change your skin colour. Stay simple and neat. That is, some foundation, concealer, etc., subtle blush, a little mascara, eye shadow and possibly brighter lipstick reserved.

Hands & Nails

It should be accurately maintained. Please, do not use bright nail polish. The transparent is a classic. As regards the length of the nail, preferably shorter than excessively long nails.


It is one of the most important accessories in the wardrobe. The bright colours, white and pastel tones here are very good. White always looks classic, grey is very serious, blue or black pencil skirt are also extremely suitable. In addition, the blouse should not be too tight.


The correct sleeve length of the jacket is as that of men – up to the base of the thumb. When you sit down, open the jacket.


In the office or on business occasions woman wearing traditionally pumps in black or dark blue. The shoes should be tend to be better sealed. High heels are suitable in the evening. On pants fit well shoes or boots with laces. Ideally, your shoes should be tailored to your clock, belt, bag or shoes.


Jewellery should be classic and simple, such as pearls, pearl necklaces, and little golden things. Do not wear rattles or cheap costume jewellery.


The gold looks conventional. Colour glasses are nice, but colourful fancy frames are not such a good idea for the office.