ESPRM Research Grant Application Form (upload)

IMPORTANT NOTICE on Grants application:

  • Application time frame for year 2024 will be open between 1st of May to the 15th of June, with reviewing process period: from June 2024 untill August 2024
  • Application form and all demanded supporting documents are to be sent to Coordinator of the ESPRM Scientific Committee: xiaolei.hu@esprm.eu
  • All applications will be reviewed by the members of ESPRM Scientific Committee.
  • Grants amount in the sum of 2.500 EUR / 5.000 EUR / 10.000 EUR will be decided by the ESPRM Scientific Committee
  • Grant awardees will be announced during autumn ESPRM General Assembly meeting (September 2024).
  • No objections on ESPRM Scientific Committee decision are possible
The grant application form is available HERE.

The Cochrane e-book collects all the reviews of Rehabilitation interest that can be searched according to thematic indexes.

For each review the summaries for different audiences are provided: researchers (abstract), practitioners, students, health managers & policy makers, consumers.
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Cardiac Rehabilitation and PRM in 2024

Date: May 22, 2024 – 7 PM CET
Speakers: Afonso Rocha (Portugal), Marta Supervia Pola (Spain), Catarina Aguiar Branco (Portugal), Milica Lazovic (Serbia)



  • To improve awareness of PRM’s fundamental role in implementing social changes to fulfil the rights of disabled people.
  • To promote scientific research and education in PRM at a European level.
  • To harmonize the way of understanding rehabilitation in different countries at a European level.
  • To diffuse the European knowledge in the International bodies to contribute for the enrichment of contents and awareness of PRM at any level and in any matter

To develop the system of care that would promote quality of life, dignity and independency of the persons with disability to greatest extend possible.

  1. To facilitate international exchange regarding different aspects of rehabilitation activities and research, including disseminating information regarding rehabilitation related funding, multicenter trials, national and European projects, meetings and congresses.
  2. To provide means to facilitate research activity and communication at the European level.
  3. To organise a biennial European congress of P&RM in one of the member countries.
  4. To influence national governments and European organisations to support initiatives and co-operation in the field of research in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine.
  5. To establish a close cooperation with the Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Section and Board of the Union Européenne des Médecins spécialistes (UEMS) and the Académie Européenne de Médecine de Réadaptation.
  6. To provide information to local, national and European governments about the contents and evidence based efficacy of P&RM.
  7. All activities in the broadest sense that are related to, are part of or are beneficial to the goals mentioned above.
  8. All Activities toward other Disabled People, Health, Medical Associations and other scientific associations in Europe.


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