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The European Society of PRM was founded in 2003, changing the European Federation of the PRM Societies which was created in 1963.

The National societies (which in 1963 were only 5) reached 39 ( including 36  Full members Societies  + 3 Cooperating Societies).

In this period PRM strongly enriched its role all over Europe, gaining responsibilities in Health Services in many Countries (unfortunately having many differences in educational and professional fields) and receiving some acknowledgments by the European bodies too.

The Federation had become unsuitable in relation to these great changes, and due to its organizational complexity, as well as due to many important elements which asked for the creation of a new Organism:

  • The integration among the European Countries and at the same time the complexity of the institutional, social and scientific relationships;
  • The communal activities in the research, education and innovation field;
  • The growth of a “mutual feeling” among the European citizens with regards to the Health needs in general and to Rehabilitation in particular.

That is why in 2003 the European Society was founded, whose memberships are available also to individual members specialized in PRM, although the participation of National Societies remains its central element.

Furthermore, the role of the Society is to strengtht the role of the Society with regards to its cooperation with other organisms (i.e. UEMS and Academy) which work at European level in the Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine field, as well as at International level with both other organisms and the International Society.

In these years, several colleagues have participated in the development of ESPRM, with various tasks and with many contributions with colleagues from all the European Countries.

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2023 – 2027

Aims & Goals

The Aims

  • To be the leading scientific European Society for physicians in the field of physical and rehabilitation medicine
  • To improve the knowledge of fundamentals and the management of activities, participation and contextual factors of people with a disability.
  • To improve  and  maintain  a  strong  connection between research and clinical practice in PRM

The Goals

  • To facilitate international exchange regarding different aspects of rehabilitation research, including disseminating information about rehabilitation related funding, multicenter trials, national and European projects, meetings and congresses.
  • To provide means to facilitate research activities and communications at the European level.
  • To organize a biannual European  Congress of PRM, and  many  other Meetings  on  different specific  Topics, involving experts and researchers from  different competences (other Societies  not  only Medical).
  • To  promote   definition  of  Guidelines.
  • To provide information to local, national and European governments about the contents, aims and evidence based efficacy of PRM.
  • To influence national governments and European organizations to support initiatives and co-operation in the fields of research in PRM in  a close co-operation with the UEMS, the European Board of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, the Académie de Médecine Physique et de Réadaptation,and  the  Mediterranean Forum of PRM