Logo usage guidelines

By sharing this ESPRM Brand Guide, we would like to familiarize you with the ESPRM logo to ensure that is consistently applied throughout all electronic and printed material.

The new ESPRM logo is the primary asset for ESPRM and an extremely valuable asset to our society. We count on your help in protecting it and ensuring that it is applied throughout all electronic and printed material.

Should you require further information or approval please contact us at: esprm.secretariat@gmail.com.

ESPRM Central Office
Westersingel 167, Rotterdam,
3015LJ Netherlands
T. +48 503114166
E. esprm.secretariat@gmail.com

ESPRM logo

The legend behind the logo

Once upon a time, a Knight and his bride were walking along a river. While gathering the little blue flowers for his sweetheart, the Knight fell into the deep and treacherous river. Just before his armor had pulled him beneath the water, he tossed the flowers to his lover and pleaded, “Forget Me Not!”. Those were his dying words. Ever since, the little blue flower has been known as the forget-me-not.

The concept of the logo

As a concept, the person in the wheelchair reflects that ESPRM does-not-forget to improve research in disability with main goal to achieve functionality of disabled people as shown on the person with the hands extended, as he is s socially intergraded.
The fonts used in the logo have been selected as they bring out a more anthropocentric trend which is the main purpose of the activities of ESPRM. The logo has been designed in such a way that brings out the positive aspect of every situation.


ESPRM Power Point templates are available for official presentations.