Research of pediatric PRM


  • To rise awareness of the need and right of PRM in pediatric patients
  • To improve diagnostics and therapeutic challenges in Pediatric rehabilitation
  • To rise awareness of preventive measures and methods in the field of Pediatric rehabilitation in primary and secondary health care settings
  • To promote and facilitate implementation of new diagnostic and therapeutic methods in Pediatric rehabilitation
  • Create and promote Guidelines in Pediatric rehabilitation based on Evidence based medicine
  • Participation or Collaboration in other Committees and Forums of Domestic and International societies of Interest for Pediatric rehabilitation
  • Disseminate the knowledge and interact with other professions for the purpose of improvement of Pediatric Rehabilitation
  • Implementation and promotion of assistive devices and robotics in Pediatric rehabilitation
  • Promote the accessibility of Pediatric Rehabilitation services and organization of intrahospital and post hospital management

Actions planned

  • Acute and Intensive care
  • Post-traumatic conditions, TBI
  • Surgical conditions (ex. transplantation, neuro-orthopedic surgery…)
  • Congenital anomalies
  • Neurological conditions (eg. Cerebral Palsy, bladder dysfunction)
  • Cardiological and Respiratory conditions
  • Orthopedic and Musculoskeletal conditions (ex. Scoliosis, JRA)
  • Endocrinological, Metabolic and Nephrological conditions
  • Oncology and palliative care
  • Burns
  • Pain
  • Orthoses and Prostheses
  • Electrodiagnostics
  • Neuromuscular diseases


Cooperating Members

  • Robert Pangalila
    Robert Pangalila
    Cooperating Member
  • Valentina Matijević
    Valentina Matijević
    Cooperating Member
  • Katja Groleger
    Katja Groleger
    Cooperating Member
  • Stefano Negrini
    Cooperating Member