• To assess the extent of delivery of pulmonary rehabilitation in PRM
  • To promote pulmonary rehabilitation among PRM physicians 
  • To create a network of PRM physicians involved in pulmonary rehabilitation
  • To promote the use of the ICF in the assessment of individuals with respiratory conditions
  • To promote research on pulmonary rehabilitation

Actions planned

  • Involvement at the ESPRM congresses with sessions
  • Surveys investigating the delivery of pulmonary rehabilitation among PRM physicians
  • Collaborations with other relevant disciplines for multiprofessional research

Actions performed

ESPRM SISC in Respiratory Disorders session at the virtual ESPRM 2020 Congress   Sep 22, 2020 Tuesday

   Aydan Oral (Turkey)   The effectiveness of pulmonary rehabilitation in  persons with respiratory conditions

  Gerold Ebenbichler  (Austria)  Optimizing functioning and health after lung transplantation:  The role of therapeutic exercise