To promote the role of PRM physician in the rehabilitation of persons with spinal cord injury (SCI) lifelong, (in collaboration with the Professional Committee of the UEMS PRM Section)
To set up appropriate educational programs (according to ISCoS guidelines) and to harmonize the education on SCI among European countries (in collaboration with the European Board of UEMS PRM).
To promote the general awareness regarding special issues of SCI among health care providers and patients with SCI and their caregivers.
To promote collaboration with other scientific societies/organizations such us: WHO, ISCoS, International Continence Society-ICS (special committee of neuropathic bladder and bowel), SCI interest group in World Federation of Neuro-Rehabilitation (WFNR), etc.


Promote prevention campaigns
Promote long life follow-up and reassure quality of life and level of independence of patients with SCI
Support efforts for International Perspectives on SCI (IPSCI)
Implementation and completion of International survey for SCI (InSCI survey) through European network of PRM physicians interested in SCI
Spread information about relevant scientific activities    through the Communication and Information Committee
Networking: Surveys through Communication and Information Committee, will give us information on SCI and:
research units, research centers
PRM centers or departments
scientific societies linked to the topic at European or International level, and interdisciplinary or/and interprofessional scientific societies


Actions planned

Continuing the procedures for the creation of the European/International Autonomic dysreflexia (AD) medical emergency card
ESPRM congresses: Preparing suggestions for workshops, educational courses, sessions, etc., with special topics for SCI, in collaboration with the Scientific Committee of ESPRM.

Actions performed

In 20th European Congress of Physical and Rehabilitation three sessions on the topic of SCI have been organized.