3rd Russian National Congress with International Participation

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3rd Russian National Congress with International Participation

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December 18, 2019 - December 19, 2019

Novy Arbat Str., h.36
Moscow City Government Administration,



Dear Colleagues!

Global strategy of medical rehabilitation in Russia includes the improvement of patients’ life quality, prevention of disability and/or decrease of disability level in case of failure to prevent it. These issues can only be solved by creating a result-oriented medical care system. Whereby the result is evaluated not by introduction of any technology and medicine into the treatment process but according to the efficiency of influence on the process of patient turning back to active life position within the society.
Among the main disabling diseases in our country, we can name cardiovascular diseases and damages, cancer diseases, locomotor system and connective tissue injuries and diseases. The whole range of diagnostics technologies, technologies of early invasive and non-invasive intervention, pharmaceutical technologies, influencing rehabilitation potential and rehabilitation prognosis, organizational technologies, management and monitoring technologies, technologies of various recovery means application, compensation, adaptation of disrupted functions, maintenance of the remained functions, secondary and tertiary preventive measures are the clue issues considered by rehabilitation medicine. Today a new clinical medical specialty called a physical and rehabilitation doctor, existing worldwide for over 95 years, is being created in our country. In November 2019 we are planning to arrange the national congress in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine that will consider the issues of development and advancement of medical rehabilitation care in our country. Neurorehabilitation is the largest section of the Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, that is why we keep arranging the “Neurorehabilitation” All-Russian Congress for many years already. It is the success and development of this direction in national medicine that allowed us to expand the platform of rehabilitation forums today and offer you a new event that will solve the problems of disruption of sustentaculum and mobility, cerebral competence, pain, psycho-emotional state disorder, disruption of communication, nutrition and egestion among more broad range of disease entities. They include not only the stroke and craniocerebral injury, but rheumatic disease, heart diseases, bronchopulmonary system diseases and other disease entities, as well as in case of constant structural failures as disability in every age group.

G.E. Ivanova
Chief specialist in medical rehabilitation
of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation,
Chairman of “Russian rehabilitation specialists union”
All-Russian public organization of medical rehabilitation
development assistance, Head of Medical Rehabilitation
Department of FDPO of RNIMU named after N.I. Pirogov,
Head ofmedical and social stroke rehabilitation department
of RNIMU named after N.I. Pirogov, professor, MD