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Daniel Zutter was born in Basel, Switzerland in 1963. He graduated in Human medicine at Basel University and became specialist in Internal Medicine and Neurology FMH (SwissMedicalAssociation). For over 15 years he is working in the field of Neurorehabilitation. After 5 year activity at the Neurological clinic University Hospital of Bern under Prof. C.W. Hess and Prof. C. Bassetti, he worked as senior physician in a center of epileptology and later in the Clinica Hildebrand centro di riabilitazione, Brissago. In 2008 he became clinical director of the Rehaclinic Zihlschlacht near Zürich, which is one of the major Rehabilitation Centers in Switzerland with over 100 beds and pure specialization in neurorehabilitation. With the foundation of the robotic movement center (RMC) he established the use of robotics in the daily use for neurological patients. His other focus areas are in the rehabilitation of patients with extrapyramidal disorders and patients with complex cognitive disorders. He is elected secretary of the Swiss Society of Neurorehabilitation. Dr. Zutter speaks fluently German, English, French and Italian.