Estonian Society of PRM Doctors (ESPRMD)  was founded in 1992; comprises approximately one hundred active members. ESPRMD member can be only a PRM-physician.
The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PRM) exist as a medical speciality since 1992 while Department of Sport Medicine and Department of Physical Medicine were incorporated into Department of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, University of Tartu.
ESPRMD stands for PRM-physicians rights, professional education and training, organize scientific meetings, assess the professional competence of its members (recertification).
At present time ESPRMD is commited to improve access to medical rehabilitation and quality of care.
The main priorities of the PRM include:

  • intensive multidisciplinary rehabilitation after acute illness or trauma
  • easily accessible outpatient rehabilitation
  • centralisation of inpatient beds into specialized units (stroke unit, cardiorehab, posttrauma-rehab etc).
  • developing of local evidence based guidelines of rehabilitation (stroke, PCI, cardiovascular rehabilitation, OA etc)
  • co-operation of other medical societies (family doctors, neurologists, cardiologists, rheumatologists etc.)
  • co-operation with the related specialists (societies of speech therapists, psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists)
  • cohesive system of assessment tools for treatment outcomes

One of the priorities of the Society and the Board is extending the duration of residency up to at least four years.
Estonian Society of PRM Doctors is a member of Estonian Physicians Chamber, UEMS PRM Section and Board as well as of ESPRM.


Pärnu mnt 104, 11312 Tallinn, Estonia

Tel: +372 6067623, fax +372 6067604

Executive Committee