Association of Latvian Rehabilitation physicians (Latvijas ārstu rehabilitologu asociācija-LĀRA)  has represented Latvia in ESPRM

The Association of Latvian Rehabilitation Physicians was created in 1998 to promote development of rehabilitation medicine in Latvia. Currently, the professional organisation unites more than 130 PRM doctors. Mission of our association is to unite PRM doctors in a professional organisation to improve the effectiveness of rehabilitation. To develop the competences in the field of rehabilitation medicine and to promote the strategic role of PRM doctors. Our goal is to be the opinion leaders in rehabilitation medicine in Latvia.

The Executive body of the Association is the the Board  and President . The president of the Association of Latvian Rehabilitation Physiciansis Anda Nulle (e-mail anda.nulle@nrc.lv; mob.+371 29455092)  Vice president is Zaiga Kalnbērza Ribule , Secretary is Uģis Beķeris (e-mail dr.ugis@inbox.lv; +371 26591174) and Treasurer is Inese Svikliņa (inese.sviklina@inbox.lv).

Asaru prosp.61, Jurmala, Latvia, LV 2008


Pilsou str 13., Riga, Latvia, LV1002