Romanian Society of Rehabilitation Medicine is a non-profit organization with a history beginning in 1921 under the name of The Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatology. The society has acquired legal personality in 2003 under the name of The Romanian Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. In 2013 the General Assembly voted for the present name, The Romanian Society of Rehabilitation Medicine, in concordance with the Romanian name of the specialty, that is rehabilitation medicine.

Education for PRM specialty is 4 years of training and final exam.


To represent the rights of the 800 Romanian PRM-physicians,
To provide professional education and training,
To organize every year The National Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine and other scientific meetings
To organize elections every 4 years,
To negotiate all legal aspects of the rehabilitation medicine with The Ministry of Health and The National Health Insurance House,
To collaborate with other medical societies,
To represent PRM-physicians in international organizations such as ISPRM, ESPRM, UEMS-PRM


Bd. Marasti nr 17, 011461, Bucharest

+40 744 608340
+40 351 712618

Executive Committee