The 8th Congress of the Slovenian Society for P&R Medicine was organized from 17th – 19th November in Primus Grand Hotel in the city of Ptuj. The participation of 120 satisfied attendees from Slovenia and Croatia was above expected number. The sessions of the scientific programme were: Rehabilitation after vascular diseases and amputations (Chairs H. Burger and N. Kos), Rehabilitation of persons with CNS lesions and injuries (Chairs T. Hernja-Rumpf and N. Bizovičar), Rehabilitation in children (Chairs K. Groleger-Sršen and T. Kovačec-Hermann), Rehabilitation of persons with acute and long term sequelae of Covid-19 (Chairs P. Novak and B. Jesenšek-Papež), Rehabilitation of patients with inflamatory and degenerative MSK disorders (Chairs K. Grabljevec, T. Rauter-Pungartnik) and Rehabilitation after MSK trauma and sport injuries (Chairs: K. Cunder and M. Zorko). 

The special plenary session on Chronic pain in adults and children/adolescents was held by Z. Kuret and M. Stahl.

Pre-congress workshops for residents were organized on the topics: Indications and contraindications for the advanced methods in physical therapy (A. Poljićanin and B. Bećir), Neuromodulation in spasticity and chronic pain – rehabilitation approach (K. Grabljevec and Z. Kuret) and How to write a scientific article (K. Groleger-Sršen).

It was a great satisfaction, that opening plenary lecture was held by the president of ISPRM prof. Francesca Gimigliano: “How to implement the application of evidence in rehabilitation: the knowledge translation strategy”. Unfortunately prof. Gimigliano´s lecture was presented on-line, due to delays in air traffic above the Italy. 

We are honoured, that following international keynote speakers kindly accepted our invitation: prof. Ruud Selles (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Prof. Milica Lazović (President of Mediterrannean forum for PRM, Belgrade, Serbia), Dr. Marta Supervia Pola (Hospital G. Maranon, Madrid), Dr. Ana Poljićanin (Clinical Center Split, Croatia), Minna Staahl (HUS New Childrens Hospital, Helsinki), prof. Tea Schnurrer Luke Vrbanić (Clinical center Rijeka, Croatia), prof. Belgin Erhan (Medeniyet University Istanbul), Prof. Frane Grubišić (president of Croatian PRM Society, Zagreb, Croatia), Dr. Hanna Skala Kavanagh (Sisters of mercy Hospital, Zagreb, Croatia) and Dr. Boris Bećir (Podologija Clinic, Split, Croatia). 

During the opening ceremony, our distinguished colleague Dr. Hermina Damjan, also a former long term delegate of Slovenia in ESPRM and UEMS PRM Section, was honoured with the title “Honorary member” of the Slovenian Society for P&R Medicine. The 2022 “Aleš Demšar Award” for the outstanding achievements was delivered to Dr. Primož Novak, for his clinical and research work during the Covid-19 pandemic period. 

The general assembly of the Society was held on 18th November and the new Executive Board of Slovenian Society was elected, with Dr. Zala Kuret as the president of Society. Former president Dr. Klemen Grabljevec will continue to work in the Executive Board as past-president.